New Licensing Condiditons in Poland
brand new Ordinance on amateur radio licences has been undersigned by Minister of Infrastructure Mr. Krzysztof Opawski on 26 July 2004 and announced in the Official Journal of the Republic of Poland on 30 July 2004. The above becomes effective 14 days after announcement.

The definition of amateur station states that it is “radio transmitting or transmitting-receiving equipment jointly with the antenna system, used in radiocommunication amateur service”. 

The basis for obtaining amateur licence in Poland is the Polish radio operator’s certificate or – on equal basis – the foreign operator’s certificate based on CEPT T/R 61-02 Recommendation or foreign licence of relevant class. There are four classes of  amateur operator’s certificate, corresponding to licence classes 1 to 4. 

There are five classes of amateur licences:
Class 1 – all bands and modes, Morse test required (5 wpm);

a) output power 150 watts
b) output power 500 watts (available after 10 years of amateur activity)

Class 2 – 3.5÷3.8 MHz and all bands above 28 MHz (including VHF/SHF), no Morse test; output power 50 watts;

Class 3 – limited bands as below, Morse test required (5 wpm), output power 15 watts;

bands: 3550-3750 kHz, 14050-14150 kHz,  21050-21200 kHz, 28050-28500 kHz, 50-52 MHz, 144-146 MHz, 430-440 MHz.

Class 4 – only 144-146 MHz and 430-440 MHz, output power 15 watts, no Morse test.

Class 5 – unmanned amateur stations, output power 50 watts below 30 MHz, 10 watts above 30 MHz.

Age requirement: over 15 years for classes 1 and 2, over 12 years for classes 3 and 4. 

Please note, that holders of class 2 licence are authorised to operate 80 and 10 meters (HF) bands without passing Morse test. This is the result of WRC-03 changes in RR Article 25. 

Temporary licences (up to 12 months) with output power up to 1500 watts are available to holders of class 1/500 watts, for technical experimenting (e.g. EME) and participation in international contests. 

Classes 1, 2 and 5 are available to amateur associations and clubs. 

Validity period of licences (renewal required):

10 years for classes 1 ÷ 4

  5 years for class 5, club stations and foreign citizens outside CEPT countries. 

No fees for spectrum usage, only fees for amateur examination. 

CEPT T/R 61-01 Recommendation is continuously accepted in Poland (up to 3 months activity), call signs to be used: SP/home call.

 (SP5HS, August 2004)